Demystifying stepping down. Reversing a career in Software.
10-01, 15:25–16:00 (Europe/Madrid), Katherine Johnson (Teoría 7)
Language: English

The industry tends to present career progression in a very structured way. It seems that progress is to move up in the career ladder. Is there a way down too?

This is an inspirational talk about a career in Software. A journey that will show that a career in tech can be a dynamic and flexible path full of avenues to explore. I will talk about how I became an Engineering Manager and why I decided to step down to become an Individual Contributor.

During this talk I will talk about how I became an Engineering Manager. What mistakes I made during my career and what I learned from them. I will talk about job satisfaction and what it means. Show what I have valued and why I took the decision to become an IC after 4 years as EM.
I hope what I share will inspire people in different stages in their careers and show them that even when they think they are not advancing they are.

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Software engineer with 10+ year of experience. Currently working for Bloomberg LP. I have had different roles including engineering manager for 3 years.