Isabella Karabasz

Data scientist in GFT Group in the Artificial Intelligence Strategic Initiative team. ​

Graduated in Math and Physics with a Masters in Big Data, now is dedicated to developing machine learning models. Specialized in NLP, has worked on various projects like automated document processing and text classification. ​

Currently excited to grow in areas of MLOps and Data Engineering, passionate about AI ethics and responsibility

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The ups and downs of deploying AI in the wild: A pyspark story
Isabella Karabasz

Have you ever faced a professional challenge where you just didn’t know where to start?​

What happens to an AI model once it’s been trained and tested? In this talk, I’m going to share how I transformed into a data engineer for the duration of two weeks, while on the mission to deploy our python AI models in a Cloudera datalake using PySpark.

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Katherine Johnson (Teoría 7)